Marsha's Products

Marsha and Grant would like to thank all of their loyal customers for supporting Marsha's Products. A lot of care, attention and detail went into making every package of product. Until further notice, our store will be closed but we'd still love to hear from you. Keep in touch on Facebook, this is where we'll be posting updates.

Oct 28, 2016
"It is a Sad / Glad time for us, but the timing is also right. We are planning on a couple of years of travel and are at the point in our lives to do it. We haven't sold Marsha's Products in order to some day maybe offer them up again. You can't predict the future, right? So for now, we'd both like to say thanks to all of our loyal followers in health in nutrition and we hope to see you as we traverse North America"
                                                                                                ---- Marsha